KAOU AC-H80 Rubber Accelerator/Adhesive

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Chemical Composition Hexamethylenetetramine, dispersant and macromolecule polymer.

1. This product acts as a methylene donor in adhesion formula for rubber and metal, which forms HRH direct adhesion system with all kinds of resorcinol or modified resin and white carbon black, and can be used for binding of the rubber with steel wire or fiber.
2. This product is a low-level accelerator with slow effects. Therefore, it is usually used as an accelerator aid together with accelerators such as thiazole, thiuram, dithiocarbamate and sulfonamide. Vulcanization critical temperature of this product is 140℃ and it has poor activity in low-temperature vulcanization with fewer risks of scorching. This product is easily dispersible without pollution or color change. Adding zinc oxide in this product will increase its activity, while the pottery clay and carbon black have inhibition toward it.
3. This product has been dried and antistatic treated, which improves weaknesses of powder products such as moisture absorption, deliquescence and agglomeration. It also has excellent dispersibility in the rubber compound.
4. When used as a methylene donor in "HRH" system, general dosage is: 1.3-1.6 portions of this product with 2.5-3.2 portions of resorcinol; when used as an accelerator aid, general dosage is 0.5-1 portions; when used as a firming agent for reinforcing resin, general dosage is 8-12% of hardened resin amount.

Application This product can be used as a methylene donor to form HRH adhesive system with resorcinol and white carbon black, also as an accelerator aid together other accelerators, as well as a firming agent for hardening of resin.
Package and Storage 25kg/bag, packed with paper-plastic composite bags; stored in a cool and dry place and avoid heavy pressure.
Storage stability 1 year under normal storage conditions.
Note In case of yellowing, slight caking, generally does not affect the use during warranty period.


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