KAOU AT-ZY Hardening and Reinforcing Agent

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Light grey or pinkish powder




Chemical Composition This product is the modified thermoplastic phenolic resin.
Function 1. This product is a high-efficiency reinforcing resin which has excellent effects in increasing hardness of the vulcanized rubber. It can improve wear resistance, tensile strength and modulus, as well as aging resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
2. This product has good intermiscibility with the rubber and is highly dispersable.
3. When using AT-ZY, 7-10% (calculated based on weight of this product) of hexamethylenetetramine or other type of firming agent together with sulfur and accelerator during later-stage of mixing. This product will go through resin cross-linking reaction when temperature is 150℃ or above. During the reaction, the linear structure of resin turns into three-dimensional network structure which forms interpenetrating structure with vulcanized rubber network so as to strengthen and harden the rubber compound. To ensure better dispersing of resin during application of this product, mixing temperature should be above 100℃ after adding resin.
4. This product can be used as the rubber compound for the tire tread and bead, and can also be used as the main hardening and reinforcing agent for products such as the shoe sole, floor covering rubber, window seal, rubber roll, etc.
Application This product is mainly used in the natural rubber and all kinds of synthetic rubbers(SBR, BRN, BR, IIR, EPDM and CR); and it is applicable for rubber products such as tire, rubber belt, rubber hose, rubber overshoe sole, sealing material, etc.
Package and Storage 25kg/bag, packed with paper-plastic composite bags; stored in a cool and dry place and avoid heavy pressure.
Storage stability 1 year under normal storage conditions.
Note In case of yellowing, slight caking, generally does not affect the use during warranty period.


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