KAOU AT-16 Rubber Internal Release Agent

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Chemical Composition Mixture of fatty acid zinc soap, surfactant, lubricant and hydrocarbon.
Function 1. This series of products are internal release agent for the rubber and plastic material with functions of internal/external lubrication and extrusion, and are applicable for complex molds and injection molding vulcanized products.
2. The products can effectively improve fluidity of rubber inside mold cavity, make the rubber fill mold easily, increase injection speed and extrusion effects, and help solve quality problems caused by internal friction of the rubber and adhesion to machinery mold during processing. The products can also speed up extrusion so that final products have small swelling orifice, excellent dimensional stability and distinctive improvement in the surface finish. Adding appropriate amount of the products will not cause adverse effects to physical properties and adhesion.
3. This series of products have been successfully applied to the tire sidewall and tire tread formulas for radial tires. Applications of the products have not only reduced defects in appearance substantially and increased qualification rate of final products, but also significantly reduced outer spraying times and improved production efficiency.
4. The products are to be added in later stage of the mixing process. Users can also add them before carbon black during the mixing according to actual situations.
Application This series of products are mainly applicable to the natural rubber, all kinds of unsaturated synthetic rubber (excluding the fluorine rubber and silicon rubber). This series of products are the internal rubber release agents and can be used in production of the tire, rubber belt, and all kinds of extruded and molded products. .
Package and Storage 5kg/bag, packed with paper-plastic composite bags; stored in a cool and dry place and avoid heavy pressure.
Storage stability 1 year under normal storage conditions.
Note In case of yellowing, slight caking, generally does not affect the use during warranty period.


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