New domestic raw materials applications still need to "speed"


At present, China has a butadiene rubber and other synthetic rubber production of independent core technology; rubber additives in the silane coupling agent Si-69, etc. have an important share in the world; steel cord domestic enterprises have also been able to mass production. In recent years, the great development of radial tire, a strong impetus to the domestic synthetic rubber, recycled rubber, rubber chemicals, steel cord and other new raw materials applications. Therefore, the new domestic raw materials in China's rubber industry has been more widely used.

However, many of our raw materials and auxiliary materials for the rubber industry, especially the tire industry, are still dependent on imports. From the perspective of long-term development, whether it is from the development of new products, or the transformation of old products; whether it is to improve product quality, or reduce production costs; whether it is to achieve cleaner production, safety and environmental protection, or energy conservation point of view, promote new raw materials Work has a very important significance. So how to speed up the process of domestic raw materials to replace imported products to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises has become a problem facing the industry.

At present, China's rubber auxiliaries in the world occupies a pivotal position, such as coupling agent Si-69 has formed Germany Degussa, the United States Compton and China's dawn of the three pillars of the situation, Shandong Shengao antioxidant 4020 production in the world Second, Shandong single county chemical accelerator production capacity ranks second in the world, Yang Valley Huatai anti-coke agent CTP yield capacity of the world's first. Therefore, these products have been in the tire business has been widely used. But there are many tires with key raw materials, such as cobalt salt adhesion enhancer, more than half still rely on imports. Now domestic enterprises have been able to produce cobalt naphthenate, cobalt stearate, cobalt borate and cobalt carbonate four kinds of cobalt salt adhesion promoter, its products in terms of performance and quality stability has been comparable with imported products. In August this year, Yixing card company with an annual output of 500 tons of the largest domestic cobalt salt adhesion promoter production line production, the product targets and Manobond products have been quite. Adhesives, has been able to industrial production of resorcinol - formaldehyde resin GLR-20 adhesive, can significantly overcome the resorcinol in the process of "smoke" problem; organic amine AIR series of bonding Agent, has been formed 6,000 tons / year scale, not only has a good bonding effect, but also a fundamental alternative to resorcinol. Plasticizer, the domestic production has been large-scale HTA, both the role of chemical plasticization, but also both the role of physical plasticization; domestic also developed organic metal complex PS, ATS and so have a considerable effect of plastic products. In addition, individual companies are also close to the international level of insoluble sulfur. Therefore, the use of these types of rubber auxiliaries, domestic enterprises may wish to boldly use domestic raw materials.

Synthetic rubber, China in the SBR, butadiene rubber, SBS (styrene - butadiene - styrene copolymer), SEBS (hydrogenated SBS) and other products, already have independent core technology, including milk poly Plastic can also be long-term high conversion rate of production, and added a high styrene, high oil and other new grades of products, environmentally friendly SBR also achieved industrial production; different vinyl content, different oil filling and different filling oil The new grades of polystyrene paste also has the industrial conditions of production; rare earth butadiene rubber is also expected to scale industrial production, nickel-based butadiene rubber production technology and product quality ranks the world's advanced level. In addition, according to the China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association statistics, the next two years into the production of synthetic rubber plant new annual capacity will reach 340,000 tons; also used for high-grade tire production of polystyrene paste, production is also gradually increased. This is the rubber processing in the appropriate expansion of the scope and proportion of the use of synthetic rubber to reduce the dependence on natural rubber provides the possibility of domestic rubber products for enterprises to further improve the application of domestic synthetic rubber, laid a good foundation.

Compared with foreign tire companies, China's tire production ratio of synthetic rubber is still relatively low, especially semi-steel radial tire. Foreign car tire natural rubber and synthetic rubber dosage ratio of 20:80, and most of our country in the 40:60 or so. So in the tire production to expand the proportion of synthetic rubber applications, there is no small space. In China's natural shortage of natural resources under the status quo, should be through technological progress, improve the formula, and fully tap the potential of domestic synthetic rubber.

In addition, some recycled rubber enterprises using high temperature and high pressure process processing all steel tire powder, the production of recycled rubber tensile strength from 11MPa to 14MPa ~ 16MPa. In this way, recycled rubber can not only in the pad, tube and other products in a large number of applications, such as low-speed tire production in agricultural tires, but also may be appropriate to improve the proportion of recycled rubber applications. China can also produce EPR recycled rubber, halogenated butyl rubber, high-strength recycled rubber, tasteless recycled rubber, butyl rubber, etc., and to achieve the butyl rubber production of butyl tube and other deep processing.

In ensuring the quality of products and performance, especially the premise of uniformity and stability, the active use of new domestic raw materials, is one of the recipe for improving business efficiency. In addition, the positive development still need to rely on imported raw materials, but also to improve the quality of raw materials and levels to meet the development needs of the rubber industry is essential. Such as a large number of imports of steel wire rods and insoluble sulfur; domestic production is small, can not meet the needs of the radial tire with 10 and 20 standard glue, engineering radial tire with steel cord; domestic can not produce, Dense layer of halogenated butyl rubber, and high-performance radial tire a large number of applications such as aramid materials. Therefore, independent innovation to develop new raw materials, promote the application of new raw materials, there is still a long way to go.


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