Company leaders to participate in the 2015 annual meeting of rubber chemicals industry


The 15th National Rubber Industry New Material Technology Forum & Rubber Subsidiary Professional Committee 2015 Annual Council and General Assembly held in Tianjin

In order to promote the safety of rubber chemicals industry, green environmental protection, automation and information technology, as well as product innovation, technological equipment innovation and management innovation, to promote China's rubber chemicals industry development process, the China Rubber Industry Association rubber additives professional committee organized the The 15th National Rubber Industry New Materials Technology Forum was held in Tianjin from October 19 to 22, 2015, and held the 2001 Annual Conference of the Rubber Subsidiary Committee and the General Meeting of Members. Fu Qingming, general manager of the company as a director of the unit attended the meeting.

This technical forum explores the development trend of China's automobile industry and rubber industry; the influence of tire industry on the development of rubber auxiliaries under adverse conditions such as double reverse; rubber production safety, green environmental protection includes clean production technology and energy saving, And other rubber products in the green environmental protection additives of the new product development and application of rubber chemicals business information technology status and development trends; the total number of companies in the development and application of new technology; The new high anti-tear agent AT-KL in the radial tire tread rubber in the application of the exchange report.

The conference was attended by more than 100 representatives from the national rubber auxiliary production enterprises, tire and rubber products enterprises, related raw materials and equipment manufacturing enterprises and institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and media.


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