Our company was named 2014-2015 national hose tape industry supporting outstanding suppliers


China Rubber Association Rubber Tape Branch 2015 Hose tape information and technology forum held in Nanjing

China Rubber Industry Association Hose Tape Branch The eighth session of the new three members of the General Assembly and 2015 hose tape information and technology forum, held in September 8, 2010 to 10 in Nanjing, China Rubber Industry Association Deng Yali attended the meeting , Hose adhesive member enterprises and related industries of business executives and technical staff attended the meeting, our company general manager Fuqiu Ming led the meeting.

The forum is rich in content, practical and strong. For the hose and tape different product technology different characteristics, to give delegates to provide more information on the actual needs of the enterprise, following the main venue after the separation of the hose sub-venue and tape sub-venue. There are 28 experts and technical staff to write 17 with the hose tape industry-related information and technical papers involved in this information and technology forum written communication, our company also submitted a research paper. We are familiar with the development of the industry and their respective efforts to study the technical achievements provided to everyone, and share with you.

During the meeting, also held a grand three top ten enterprises, the most growth enterprises, outstanding suppliers and industry outstanding entrepreneurs, outstanding scientific and technological workers award ceremony, China Rubber Industry Association Deng Yali, as well as the club director, Qingdao rubber six conveyor belt Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Haiqing, vice chairman of the branch, Zhejiang double arrow Rubber Co., Ltd. Chairman Shen Gengliang and other leaders were the top ten enterprises and other advanced collective and individual awarded medals and certificates. I was once again rated as 2014-2015 national hose tape industry supporting outstanding suppliers.


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