China 's corporate cobalt salt products put into operation in 2006 - China Chemical Industry News 2006.08.30


China's large annual output of 500 tons of cobalt salt adhesion promoter production line, August 26 in Yixing City, Kay Chemical Co., Ltd. a successful test, put into industrial production. The production line of the production equipment and process all use of independent technology, can produce all four kinds of cobalt salt adhesion promoter, which will greatly accelerate the pace of domestic rubber products raw materials.

Cobalt Adhesive Promoter is a direct addition adhesive for high strength bonding of rubber and metal. It is a key component in rubber formulation such as steel radial tire, steel wire conveyor belt, steel hose and rubber roller. One of the most expensive varieties of rubber auxiliaries. According to the China Rubber Industry Association, Xu Chunhua, chairman of the professional committee, the current domestic demand for cobalt salt adhesion promoter in 2000 tons, the output of about 1,000 tons. Due to its large capital investment, high technical content, the scale of domestic enterprises are generally 300 tons / year, and most of the enterprise product quality is not stable, especially the high content of trivalent cobalt, the adhesive between the rubber and steel materials Greater impact. Therefore, the cobalt salt adhesion promoter of the import ratio of up to 60% or more.

According to the China Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch expert group leader Chen Zhihong analysis, due to radial tire, especially the rapid development of truck radial tire, in 2010 China's tire with cobalt salt adhesion promoter demand will reach 3900 ~ 4000 tons, of which Load the radial tire to be 2700 ~ 2800 tons, semi-steel cars and light truck radial tire to be about 1,200 tons, the average annual growth rate of about 13%. How to improve the stability of product quality, the implementation of large-scale production has become the industry's top priority.

According to the card company, the production line using DCS automatic control rotary flash system, the trivalent cobalt content can be controlled below one thousandth, thus effectively solve the divalent cobalt is easy to oxidize the biggest problem. In addition, the company also uses DCS automatic control system to strictly control the product synthesis process of key parameters to ensure product quality stability and reliability. It is by virtue of these two key technology innovation, card Europe built a high degree of automation, well-equipped cobalt salt adhesion promoter production line.


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